Appraise with Accuracy, Sell with Confidence Using Velocity Window Stickers

Leverage the power of Velocity Automotive’s Window Stickers with your auction purchasing. They can set you up for the right inventory and higher profit margins in your market. Our platform easily integrates into your inventory management and merchandising tools so you can quickly access the original build information when you are competing for high demand used inventory. It’s critical in today’s market to understand each vehicle’s uniqueness of options, allowing you to see the real value to not overspend and get buried in the wrong vehicle.

Create Customer Trust

Customers expect more from their dealers when buying a vehicle. They pride themselves on doing the research to be confident in negotiating the best deal. Gain their trust with Velocity Window Stickers to create transparency and build value in your digital retailing, while giving your team a sales engagement tool that makes them inventory experts.

Full Integration

We make it easy for you to access original OEM window stickers from your inventory management and merchandising tools. We understand the importance of accessing your engagement tools in the systems you use every day – from your CRM, DMS, and IMS solutions. The Velocity Automotive Platform integrates 100% into the systems you use so you don’t have multiple logins with multiple platforms to get the information you need. One platform, one log in, complete system that connects recon to retail.

Window Stickers Are Our Customers Favorite

“Velocity’s Window Stickers are our customers favorite. Our contact ratio is higher because our customers and team have really embraced the digital portfolios – they get the conversation started and help us build value in our inventory”
— Joshua Hallman, Internet Manager | Seminole Toyota