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Appraise with Accuracy

Buy with Confidence

Introducing VINSight by Velocity Automotive!

Velocity VINSight equips dealership staff with the knowledge they need to appraise with accuracy, including diagnostic trouble codes, emissions status, potential cost impact, and tattletale technology that flags recent system resets. The information is accessible during the appraisal process; it’s easy to read and is summarized in a printable customer-facing evidence report that justifies appraisal adjustments.


In mere minutes, our state-of-the-art OBD-II modules can scan a vehicle and provide scanned status, history, and mechanical condition reports.

The Appraisal Assistant Suite

Reduce liability and get peace of mind with open safety recall detail.

Window stickers with 95% OEM brand coverage.

Dealership staff have a multitude of market data regarding trades, but have a blind spot when it comes to knowing the potential mechanical issues of a vehicle.

VINSight takes away that blind spot!

VINSight Advantages

Safety net your appraisal and preowned buying process for both trade-ins and auction purchases

Communicate vehicle information/discovery to both variable & fixed

Wireless, works anywhere you have a wifi or cellular signal

Saves vehicle information for easy access anywhere, anytime

Easy to use plug and play technology

One of the biggest factors impacting used car profitability is acquiring the right vehicle at the right price. Appraising too high kills profitability. Appraising too low means you’re missing trades.

VINSight provides the information you need to achieve your highest possible PPV, or profit per VIN. Let's get started!