Leading The Race - The Imperative of Being First

Bobby Wilcox, Performance Consultant/Director of Training

December 2023 • AutoSuccess

After pouring countless amounts of energy into the never-pretty process of getting used cars through the shop faster and on the lot for sale- then what? We’re all in hot pursuit of that elusive three-day recon turnaround, but how do we supercharge the selling process? It’s common knowledge that the real rewards and internal gains only come when the car finds its new owner. Plus, selling them quicker means more in the profit column.

Now it’s game on for the sales team, and it’s time to get them to tackle what they might not naturally prefer to succeed. As one of my favorite quotes by Albert E. Gray, an American insurance salesman and motivational speaker Gray puts it, “The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do. They don’t necessarily enjoy doing them, either. But their willingness to tackle these tasks is fueled by the strength of their purpose.” In numerous sales meetings, we drive home this critical point, and a consistent theme for succeeding within your sales process is to keep it easy and straightforward.

What might an “easy and straightforward” approach to helping your team succeed be? For thousands of dealers, the answer is using digital vehicle portfolios (DVP). The DVP streamlines professional follow-ups and ensures foolproof lead responses when seamlessly integrated into your CRM.

The DVP is the comprehensive toolkit your sales team needs to deliver promptly to customers the vehicle-specific information they want. DVPs make this presentation professional and easy for them and your sales team.

Whether you make your DVPs available for mobile or desktop, our experience shows they return impressive consumer open rates ranging from 68% to 75%.

An extension of reconditioning software, the DVP is a versatile customer-facing digital evidence manual or portfolio that warmly welcomes customers and presents your vehicles concisely and professionally. The DVP  combines an email template, text template, social media tool, and website badge.

The vehicle information you can pack into a DVP is considerable. This documentation may include vehicle photos and video, pricing, OEM window sticker details, manufacturer brochures, and service and reconditioning histories.

While warming shoppers to the value and quality of your used cars, DVPs notify your sales team about who’s looking and what they’ve viewed. They also facilitate the enrollment of customers into price change alerts, and meticulously record ongoing interactions. Customizable at the dealership level, DVPs seamlessly integrate with your business model, offering instant access to OEM window stickers data and more. 

By offering DVPs to your marketplace, you communicate your commitment to enhancing the automotive industry, empowering your sales team, and elevating customer experiences in the digital era.