Justin Saavedra

BDC Manager | Mercedes-Benz of So. Orlando

"Velocity Automotive Solutions is great - we use both ReconVelocity and VelocityEngage to keep our processes moving seamless. ReconVelocity offers great value with customized workflow processes that help reduce the amount of time it takes to get our inventory retail ready. Plus, it give us a pulse on how our processes impact the revenue stream.

With VelocityEngage, we are able to accelerate how we stay connected with our customers by providing transparency with a digital portfolio sales presentations that includes window stickers, for reinforcing buying confidence. VelocityEngage offers great impact with our sales teams by arming them with the information they need to be inventory experts. They can automate first touch sales email communications with a digital portfolio and answer any customer merchandising questions with a single login into our CRM. We’ve tried other solutions and got frustrated with the lack of integration between the recon tool, the digital sales presentation and with our other software solutions. With Velocity Automotive, you only need one login that supports everything — from recon to retail and full integration with our CRM, DMS and IMS - they really do have us covered."