Joshua Hallman

Internet Manager | Seminole Toyota

“Velocity Automotive is giving us the upper hand on setting up customer appointments. Our team loves the digital portfolio, especially window stickers. With VelocityEngage, our customers can see the full value of every car we sell as they now have an organized presentation. Our portfolios include everything, from window stickers to our recon investments, CARFAX reports and photos. Our customers really love being able to review our recon info as they now have insights into everything we’ve done on the car, they’ve told us that has made a big difference. Our customers have said our portfolios are giving them peace of mind.

For us, we use VelocityEngage as a lead gen tool. When a shopper is wanting information on a particular vehicle on our website, our team instantly sends a text or email with the portfolio for a first point of contact. It works well for us and we are seeing great results.

I highly recommend Velocity Automotive. Their products do what they say they are going to do. VelocityEngage is quick, friendly and simple to use.”