Casey Coffey

COO | Greenway Automotive Group

“The used car industry is a huge part of the Greenway Automotive platform. The Velocity Automotive single platform gives use the ability to track our used cars, create a great customer experience with the dealerships, while giving us the tools to bid our cars at auction the right way.

We are a very large used car dealer, 45 stores, Velocity Automotive’s VelocityRecon tool gives us the ability to track our car and move through the system rapidly and with transparency for our managers. This has made a huge difference for us. When you run a large organization like us, we wanted visibility into our inventory nationwide and at the local level, our GMs wanted the insight into their used car inventory. VelocityRecon does this. Being able to move your inventory quickly through the process is paramount for staying on top of the market and making sure you are delivering the type of vehicles our customers want in a timely manner is important. Without VelocityRecon, our timeframes to deliver was just too long. Velocity Automotive solved this.

In addition, VelocityRecon ties into VelocityEngage which gives our sales customers the digital information they need in a succinctly, well organized digital portfolio. VelocityEngage creates a great experience for both our customers and the dealership. And then when you add the Velocity Window Stickers into the mix it changes everything.

We are always trying to be on top of the market. If you don’t have the information that window stickers gives, then you are apt to miss something. Anytime you miss something, whether its high or low, and you miss that opportunity to bid that car appropriately, could cost you a car deal. Being able to pull the car info from one place has been extraordinary for us.”