Snapcell Velocity Automotive Partnership

Velocity Automotive, Snapcell partner to integrate video engagement with the Velocity Automotive platform

Destin, Florida, March 11, 2022 – Velocity Automotive and SnapCell, industry leaders in reconditioning and digital retail enhancement solutions, announced today they have signed a product partnership to integrate SnapCell’s dynamic suite of automotive video tools, that includes a mobile and desktop app, SnapCell Live, Snap360 and SnapCell MPIexpress, to the Velocity Automotive Platform.

“We are excited to partner with SnapCell to seamlessly integrate their automotive video technology into the Velocity Platform (VelocityEngage and VelocityRecon),” said Hugh Hathcock, Velocity Automotive owner and founder. “With this partnership, our dealers can leverage the power that personalized videos will offer to enrich customer communications to create a more exciting and trustworthy experience with the car buying process, all from within VelocityEngage, VelocityRecon and the dealers CRM.”

Velocity Automotive helps dealers get their used car inventory to market faster. From increasing the speed at which vehicles are acquired using Velocity Window Stickers, to optimizing the recon process using VelocityRecon and leveraging VelocityEngage to create a more meaningful customer experience with their digital retailing. Velocity Automotive is focused on accelerating dealer profits by connecting Recon to Retail.

Brent Williams, CEO of SnapCell says “We’re thrilled to be working with such a forward-thinking and jointly innovative company. Due to a number of factors, more and more consumers are looking to experience car buying their next car on their terms. The team is excited to support Velocity Automotive in becoming a part of that journey and we look forward to sharing SnapCell and its benefits with the individual dealers.”

SnapCell is a personalized, easy-to-use video engagement solution that empowers car dealerships marketing through personal connection.

SnapCell puts a simple-to-use, reliable video app right in the hands of dealer technicians and salespeople. With the creation of personalized video, dealers can create transparency and trust by leveraging SnapCell Live for video live streaming, sharing a 360-vehicle video animation with Snap360, as well as documenting the multi-point inspection process with MPIexpress.

Velocity Automotive (Booth #2713W) and SnapCell (Booth #1721W) will be exhibiting at the 2022 National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) Expo March 11-13th at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. To learn more about their products, visit Velocity Automotive at and SnapCell at


About Velocity Automotive

Velocity Automotive delivers innovative software solutions that transform how dealerships share car buying information with their customers and create operational efficiencies in the reconditioning process to increase market readiness and gross profits. Velocity Automotive connects Recon to Retail with accelerating customer digital retail engagement, recon workflow management tools and provides original OEM window stickers for maximizing buying strategy at auction. Founded in 2018 by Hugh Hathcock, founder of ELEAD1ONE, Velocity was built to help dealers streamline sales and service processes, improve communications, and maximize business opportunities.

About SnapCell

SnapCell is a SaaS video marketing platform that increases car dealership revenue by engaging customers through personalized video and visual solutions. SnapCell is a completely personal, easy to use video engagement tool that empowers car dealerships marketing through personal connection. It helps them create trust through transparency, gives convenience to the customer, and provides dealers with a suite of dynamic tools to drive conversion and sales. Even in the digital age, people buy from people. Bringing the forecourt to the customer.

Velocity Automotive Media Relations:
Susan Lovett, Director of Marketing