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Velocity Automotive Is Connecting Recon to Retail at NADA 2022

Destin, Florida, February 21, 2022 – Velocity Automotive, the industry’s fastest-growing and only single platform solution that helps dealers acquire used inventory at the right price, optimizes the reconditioning process for expediting speed to market, and enhances the sales team and customer experience with digital retailing, will be exhibiting at the 2022 NADA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 11-13, 2022.

As competition to acquire inventory continues, dealers need forward-thinking solutions that help accelerate their ability to transition pre-owned units to retail-ready inventory, while increasing consumer confidence, transparency, and dealership engagement. At NADA, Velocity Automotive will showcase its proven platform that connects Recon to Retail for enabling market growth and higher gross profits with pre-owned inventory.

Velocity Automotive provides accelerator tools dealers need to enhance their business operations without creating more work or complex processes that won’t be adopted throughout the dealership,” says Hugh Hathcock, owner and founder of Velocity Automotive. “Our single platform was designed to leverage OEM window stickers, streamline recon management processes and enhance digital retailing with online vehicle portfolios to create meaningful engagement and transparency with both car buying customers, and dealership personnel.”

As part of its complete platform at NADA, Velocity Automotive will showcase Velocity Window Stickers™ and its ability to enhance auction buying power with full integration into vAuto and other inventory management software (IMS) solutions. Velocity Window Stickers offer 90 percent OEM brand coverage, across 30+ manufactures. Dealers can quickly access original VIN specific information when competing for high demand used inventory, to achieve maximum profits and reduce overspending.

In addition, VelocityRecon™ will be on display to highlight its enhanced workflow processing features. VelocityRecon accelerates the used car reconditioning process by reducing operational inefficiencies, improving work approval processes, gaining better insights into vehicle tracking and vender management. This technology not only improves workflow processes but creates accountability and communication to reduce dealers recon time on average by 7 to 10 days.

Finally, to round out the Velocity Platform, VelocityEngage ™ will be presented to demonstrate how its comprehensive digital sales portfolio presentations elevate the dealerships digital retailing efforts. VelocityEngage creates an online concierge buying experience, while arming dealership personnel with the information they need to be inventory experts on all makes and models. Velocity’s digital portfolios are designed to quickly share valuable, consumer sought out vehicle information that includes original OEM window stickers, dealership recon investment, safety reports, walkaround photos and videos and OEM brochures. This technology is integrated in all customer relationship management systems (CRM), dealer management systems (DMS), and inventory management solutions (IMS) solutions, with no disruption in daily work routines.

“Our analysis and ongoing dealer conversations show that consumers continue to invest over a month in vehicle research prior to making their purchase, making them hyper-aware of vehicle options and pricing strategies,” says Hathcock. “By providing them a complete vehicle portfolio that can be shared online, through email or text message, has proven to create a new level of consumer trust and confidence, which helps expedite the buying process.”

Additionally, Hathcock states, “Velocity Automotive was founded to help dealers streamline and transform how information is shared with their customers and dealership personnel, while creating operational efficiencies for increasing gross profits. For 35 years, I have been dedicated to developing solutions that help transform how dealerships operate in a more meaningful way for improving customer communications and maximizing business opportunities.”

The 2022 NADA Show will be held March 11-13th at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. To learn more about these products, visit Velocity Automotive at the NADA 2022 Convention and Expo, booth #2713W. Visit for more information.


About Velocity Automotive

Velocity Automotive delivers innovative software solutions that transform how dealerships share car buying information with their customers and create operational efficiencies in the reconditioning process to increase market readiness and gross profits. Velocity Automotive connects recon to retail with accelerating customer digital retail engagement, recon workflow management tools; and provides original OEM window stickers for maximizing buying strategy at auction. Founded in 2018 by Hugh Hathcock, founder of ELEAD1ONE, Velocity was built to help dealers streamline sales and service processes, improve communications, and maximize business opportunities.

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